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Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulics visited Haimu Technology

/ 2019.12.09

On December 6, 2019, the domestic hydraulic field leader Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulics visited Haimu Technology. General Manager Meng Meng of Haimu Technology received a group of four people and accompanied them to visit the laboratory, production center, quality inspection center, storage center, etc. Work area, and detailed introduction of our company's R&D team, operation management, manufacturing, hardware equipment and development goals and other related conditions. Jiangsu Hengli visitors are very interested in our products and expressed their willingness to cooperate further.

Visit the laboratory

Haimu technology products are independently researched and developed. We support the product power with strong scientific research power, and strive to be at the forefront of technology in the field of electronic control handles. We always create a future belonging to Haimu with a humble attitude and the spirit of the craftsman.

Visit the manufacturing center

As a scientific and technological electronic control handle manufacturer integrating R&D and production, we have always insisted on independent production, and the production and manufacturing process of the product is checked at every level, so as to be one-sided.

Visit the warehouse

After the visit, the visitors from Jiangsu Hengli conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with our general manager and related personnel in many aspects and at various levels. During the communication, the visitors from Jiangsu Hengli affirmed our research and development capabilities, productivity and innovative spirit. And look forward to further communication and cooperation.