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Haimooo was founded in 2016, formerly Known as CIM Control (founded in 2011),who is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of industrial operator control products, are located in Minhang District, Shanghai, covering an area of about 1200 square meters, more than 40 employees, among whom more than 25% are technicians.

After ten years of hard work, Haimooo has developed and marketed more than 25 series of industrial joystick controller products and already obtained 30 intellectual property patents. It was rated as a High-tech enterprise in Shanghai in 2019.

So far, we have produced and sold more than 200,000 industrial joystick controller products, serving over 500 customers in various segment industries worldwide.

Haimooo design and production in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system process, every product has passed the strict test and inspection, therefore, Haimooo products have high reliable and high stability of the features, favored by the majority of segment industry customer engineers.

For many years, Haimooo has been deeply engaged in the segment industry market, providing customized solutions according to the special requirements of customers, such as video surveillance, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aerial work platform and logistics handling machinery and other industry markets, we have different segment industry operator control solutions.

Haimooo all staff, customer-oriented, hard service, and hope to create a better future together with you.

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Our vision

Focus on the development and manufacture of industrial handles and peripheral products, and strive to become a world-class industrial handle brand.

core values

Integrity, respect, focus, and execution.


Correction 2: We shall continue to carry out product research to provide our customers with high-quality and highly-reliable products. We wish to promote a healthy and safe working environment, give employees equal opportunities for growth and development. We wish to grow and development alongside our employees and this is the common goal within our enterprise. We actively participate in society and give back the fruits of our development to our employees and local community.
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  • Computer software copyright
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  • Utility model patent
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